We developed the following products for colleagues as well as for clients. With the following tools psychotherapists have the possibility to add a unique aspect to there therapeutic work, which sets them apart from the conventional psychotherapy. In addition people interested in psychology can profit from these tools, when using them for self-help. Of course working with those tools can not replace conventional psychotherapy, but it gives everyone the chance to learn more about themselves and their personal life and by doing that to develop their personality further.
Please contact us if you are interested in the following programs.

"My New Style"

An interactive PC-program, that helps to improve the personal appearance in public. Users are are coached to give a self-confident description of themselves which is recorded and played back to them until they are satisfied with content, form and accentuation of the recording. This provides the possibility to confront the clients with their own voice, which is a good chance to get closer to the socially competent personality they desire to have.


"Talk to him"

An interactive PC-program that gives the client with an obsessive-compulsive disorder the possibility to (actively) communicate with his obsession by asking "him" specific questions. The client takes the role of the obsession giving "his" answers, which helps him to understand how the disorder operates. This reveals to the client the way the obsession succeeds in making his life harder.



This program starts with a personal belief that seems to make everyday life harder (e.g. “whatever I do, has to be perfect”). The user then records the sentence in the same way and accentuates it in the way the inner voice does it. After that he is coached to pronounce the sentence in a really funny way or to change the voice's sound, so that he can’t help laughing about it. After having deleted that nuisance the user is supposed to formulate an alternative sentence, which gives him courage and confidence.  The goal is to internalise this new supporting sentence, so that it can determine the client’s behaviour in the future.




"The Personality Coach"

The interactive PC-program consists of eight programs that comprise different tools.