As psychotherapists we constantly deal with the question, of how to make our work more efficient and useful for our clients. A way to reach this goal is to support face to face psychotherapy with pc- or app-based tools.

In almost every area of life there has been tremendous progress in work efficiency for the past 100 years- except for psychotherapy. In this area our methods are often the same as in the early beginning of therapeutic counselling.

Typical for ambulatory psychotherapy is a second problem: normally there is only one session a week. But what about the 167 hours between those sessions? Quite often during that time our clients fall back into old behavioral patterns – without any help to overcome this. Apart from the motivation to change experiences and behavior, it is also useful to use “homework” to internalise the progress made during the sessions. But how can we motivate the client to do these therapeutic exercises? Wouldn’t it be the best for him to have an assistant at home which is available 24/7?

We have developed a variety of PC-programms that can facilitate such an assistant in the patients every day life and motivate him/her to go beyond the progress made during the session and continue it in the time between sessions.

Some products about certain therapeutic topics are available on this website.

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