The Personality Coach

A warm welcome to the readers of the English version of our website right in time for the EABCT-Conference 2014 in Den Haag (Netherlands). We are glad that on this international conference our contribution is accepted as a presentation on the E--Market. This way, we hope to get in contact with colleagues that have the same vision as we have and are convinced that using speech interactive PC-or app based tools will be a remarkable progress for psychotherapy.

This blog is not meant to be a one-way street, comments as well as positive and negative feedback are very welcome.
At the moment we concentrate on developing an all-purpose tool package which can be used in face to face psychotherapy. The „Personality-Coach“comprises of eight self developed programs.  It is possible to use it with a Windows touchscreen notebook or tablet which is very comfortable in psychotherapeutic settings. A clamping system for your tablet is available in music instrument shops, so that you don’t have to hold on to your tablet during your session. Using the "Personality-coach" the therapist takes the instructing and supporting role for the client explaining the idea and the functions of the programs, so that in the end the client is able to use them. That way you support the originally intended setting of psychotherapy where your client is doing most of the work himself.

It is definitely not our intention to replace the therapist by our psychotherapy- tools, but to add a component that makes therapy for the patient more efficient and for the therapist more convenient.
At the moment the following programs are integrated in the „Personality-Coach“: „My goals“, „3 x luck“, „My daily soap“, „Mindwasher“, „My new style“, „A glance on me“, "The inner team", and the "Emotion trainer"
In the next blog we will explain the ideas behind these tools.

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